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We are all familiar with the power and prestige of major brands. Branding is the relationship between your company and your customers. That relationship is managed through the multiple points of communication your company has with its audience, ranging from the way your identity appears – on your business cards or a highway billboard – to a user’s experience as they navigate your company's web site.

But there is often confusion surrounding the definitions of corporate identity, corporate image, and corporate branding. Let's take a look at how they differ:

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity refers to a company's visual identity, which contains a basic definition of the organization. It is implemented as an introduction -- or the "face" of the company -- to the consumer. Most identities consist of a basic logo or mark, accompanied by the name of the company, and followed by some simple tagline that encapsulates the core business or service of the company.

Corporate identity – when properly conceived and applied – conveys the essence, character, and purpose of a company and its products and services.

Corporate Image

Corporate image is the public's overall perception of your company. This corporate image is influenced by your corporate identity and corporate branding and is often the end result of its success or failure.

Your company will certainly be judged most by the strength of its products or services – and if these core offerings are not competitive, the correlation between a successful corporate branding effort and your company's prosperity will not last long.

Your company’s logo often serves as your primary communication vehicle for your image; a visual reminder of your company’s promise to consumers during key decision-making processes.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding, unlike corporate identity or corportae image, is a business process – a strategically-focused effort to implement a corporate identity through a marketing effort that runs throughout your organization. This business process establishes the image, direction, leadership, clarity of purpose, inspiration, and energy for your company's most important asset, its corporate brand.

Corporate branding affects all forms of communications, from advertising to public relations to product packaging. It is the intentional declaration of who the company is, what it believes, and why its customers should put their faith in the company's products or services.

Branding by Flatiron

Flatiron Industries uses these insights gathered from years of experience managing comprehensive branding programs and marketing projects to launching robust internet initiatives, strong advertising campaigns and solid publications that allow us to develop effective communications strategies for all of our clients through establishing or reinvigorating your corporate branding.