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Flatiron Industries can help transform your marketing efforts into real results.

Interface Design

The objectives of web sites vary from company to company. For some companies the objective is to leverage the Internet as a commerce channel, while other companies utilize the Internet as a content and marketing delivery channel to support commerce at existing retail outlets.

Flatiron Industries understands that your company’s web presence is a key brand communication point with their customer. Our objective is to ensure the integration of business and technical requirements into a smooth user experience that delivers on a company’s brand attributes and value propositions.

Interface design is an exciting expansion of the graphic design field, merging traditional disciplines of page design and typography with innovative digital image-making, animated graphics, using a nonlinear structure. We are commited to the profession and discipline which is Graphic Design - with the goal of not just mastering the latest technologies, but implementing the fundamental design practices of perception, aesthetics, and visual form-making to give your marketing efforts a voice through the language of design.

You are looking at and "interfacing with" three simultaneous interfaces at this very moment: the interface design of your computer, the browser software that you are enlist to view the internet (Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape), and the interface of Flatiron Industries. Within all of these systems of navigation, structure and information you are able to accomplish tasks, gain information and interact with others using your computer.

Print Collateral

One of the first opportunities to communicate your brand is often through collateral materials: the handing of a business card, a letter to a prospective client or submission of a company brochure. This initial contact between your company and your customers makes it imperative that these materials accurately and effectively express your brand’s voice. They must be created with a clear understanding of the brand’s strategy and messaging.

The applications of print design is graphic design’s historic medium. There are really endless applications of print design within the communications and in all other fields of business. Print design is found in the simple sales receipt of a local vendor or the site plan for a major city construction job. Brochures, business cards, letterhead, postcards, flyers, sell sheets, posters, are just a few examples of everyday designwork that any number of companies need to have designed and printed to properly function, both from a marketing and an internal processing standpoint.

Flash Animation and Motion Graphics

Multimedia design (using multiple mediums) furthers this art of delivering and taking in information, using animation and video to enhance a users experience within an interface. Information is restructured into websites that allow entry from different points, a system that may be more like our actual thinking processes than the neat order of a book or manual. Within a multimedia design, we can use time and sound in addition to text and image to draw attention, to animate an explanation, or to present an alternative way to understand a concept. This new technology demands designers who can combine analysis with intuition.

Film and video graphics organize ideas dynamically in time. They communicate by using images in sequence with narration, music and/or text. Animation is simply graphic design constructed frame by frame, and although quality animation usually involves a complete design team and many painstaking hours of storyboarding and art directing, graphic designers today can create their own animations with programs like Macromedia Flash or Director with relative ease.