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Flatiron Industries provides traditional and multimedia graphic design as well as marketing communications services.

Our aim is to utilize the skills our team has developed in the branding, graphic design, advertising and publishing fields in New York and around the world to establish creative, agile and effective marketing solutions for a diverse list of clients. Our services include:

Brand Consulting
Identity Design
Editorial Design
Multimedia Design
Print/Web Advertising
Information Systems
Interactive Media
Interface Design

Website Integration
Content Development
Creative Direction
Concept Creation

Graphic design is a discipline that often involves intricate creative conceptualizing whose effectiveness can’t always be easily be quantified. Yet in today’s business climate, every client must look for ways to economize and squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar.

At Flatiron Industries, a design is not considered successful unless it achieves the goals outlined by the initial project strategy. Throughout every project, we revisit the marketing goals established at the outset to ensure that the end product will be successful. Whatever those goals may be – increasing online sales, generating massive traffic, automating business processes, creating brand awareness – we evaluate our work according to the targets that help define our initial strategy.